PLEI is transforming its 27-year heritage of leader training for student pharmacists into a new workbook in modular form. I’m excited to report that we are beginning to unveil a 270-page leadership workbook, titled Lead←Grow→Shape: A Prescription for Life-Long Leader Development. We will offer a Student Edition and a Facilitator Edition in both Kindle format and print format. Availability: mid-July 2016.
It’s a collection of 35 modules, to mix and match as a campus wishes. We’ve built at least two modules to match each of the four ACPE elements and eleven CAPE competencies for self-awareness, leadership, innovation, and professionalism. The book could support a 1- or 2-credit course for P1s, and also a capstone course for P3s or P4. The marketing materials I’ve drafted joke that this is a basket of ingredients and the instructor on campus gets to be the celebrity chef (à la Chopped)!
Surf over to the Lead-Grow-Shape page to see the Sampler file of table of contents, front matter, first three Modules, and Appendices showing the mapping to the competencies.
Today, we are looking for several campuses willing to beta-test the book during the fall 2016 or spring 2017 semesters. Pioneering faculty will have access to an electronic information exchange, to allow them to compare notes as the semester progresses.
Ultimately, we hope to serve the need for training for <> student pharmacist that ACPE and CAPE call out. Understandably, many campuses will start with electives. I’m thinking of: Guiding Principle 1: Leadership is important for all student pharmacists to develop.

Cheers, John
John D. Grabenstein, RPh, PhD
Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute
Collegeville, PA

PLEI Board Retreat, 2016

The PLEI board is meeting this weekend in Sacramento, CA at the CPhA headquarters.  Our annual retreat is filled with strategy around our mission, values, and goals.  We welcome all our board members, and thank CPhA for hosting us.  Looking forward to the crab feed tonight!

PLEI Annual Retreat

The PLEI retreat was held this year in the great city of Boston. Despite storm Marcus, a tremendous amount was accomplished!  Some of the biggest news is the renaming of some travel grants to events after our steadfast program developers and facilitators Nancy Alvarez, Gary Keil, and Michael Negrete.

PLEI Retreat

The PLEI retreat was held in the beginning of February in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.  Big things coming this year as we grow to new levels!