Companion Slides for Lead-Grow-Shape

Companion Slides for Facilitator’s Edition of Lead-Grow-Shape

PLEI is pleased to offer supportive Visual-Anchor Slides in PDF format, to complement the Modules of the Lead←Grow→Shape Workbook. We recommend projecting them using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader, full screen, single-page display, landscape mode.

These slides are supportive, not self-sufficient. The slides are intended primarily as visual anchors, to support the preeminent dialogue between facilitator and participants. We anticipate that some participants will want some degree of visual confirmation of the content under live discussion. Facilitators remain in control – if you do not wish to project a particular slide, simply move past it.

Many of the slides are sparse, scant, lean, svelte (if you like). Your live presentation and dialogue remains the focus of each Module. You will continue to need the Lead←Grow→Shape Workbook itself for its step-by-step instructions and many interactive entries.

The Visual-Anchor slides are packaged in individual PDF files, one for each Module. The Annexes for any given Module are appended at the end of a Module’s visual-anchor slides for your convenience, so that both types of content are in one place. Each PDF file is priced separately, for your flexibility. The PDF files for Modules 1, 2, and 3, and X-Y-Z Evaluation are nominally priced at $0.88 so you can test how they look and respond. Each of the other PDF files is priced separately at $9.99 each, for your flexibility.

The slides are marked with an expiration date, to help assure that they remain true to the evolving content of Lead←Grow→Shape, as the workbook progresses through future editions. This dating provides 18 months or more from date of download.

Module 01 – You Want Me to Lead?   
Module 02 – People in Groups, People in Rx Practice   
Module 03 – When You Look in Mirror Who Looks Back?   
Module 04 – Managing Clock, Optimizing Your Time   
Module 05 – Leader Laboratory   
Module 06 – Failure: Underappreciated Instructor   
Module 07 – Why Matters: Passion & Motivation   
Module 08 – Knowing Me, Knowing You   
Module 09 – Securing Leadership Oxygen Mask   
Module 10 – Making Most of Ears: Listening   
Module 11 – How Do I Occur   
Module 12 – What Kind of Professional Can I Be?   
Module 13 – What is Leadership?   
Module 14 – Forming & Sustaining Teams   
Module 15 – Situational Leadership   
Module 16 – Can We, Will We, Pull on Same Rope?   
Module 17 – Mission, Values, Vision   
Module 18 – Can We, Will We, Pull in Same Direction?   
Module 19 – What Leaders Do–Influence   
Module 20 – Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship   
Module 21 – Can You See Leadership?   
Module 22 – Interviews & Guest Speakers   
Module 23 – Interprofessional Relations   
Module 24 – Followership   
Module 25 – Sausage, Leading to Policy   
Module 26 – Skills for Getting Message Across   
Module 27 – How Deeply Do You Communicate?   
Module 28 – Fostering Authentic Communication   
Module 29 – Getting Aligned on Goals   
Module 30 – Meeting Management, Group   
Module 31 – Problem-Solving   
Module 32 – Disciplined Decision-Making   
Module 33 – Conflict Management   
Module 34  – Shaping Your Environment   
Module 35  – Staying Balanced   
Modules X-Y-Z & Appendices Slides