Below appear a few examples of the content PLEI offers, either in its live, immersion programs or as part of its new workbook for pharmacy coursework: “Lead←Grow→Shape: A Prescription for Life-Long Leader Development.”  See the Lead-Grow-Shape page for details.

Empowering Others: Through Coaching, Accountability, Integrity, and Acknowledgement

Even when followers understand and believe in a leader’s goal or vision, significant effort must be made to enable their maximum contribution to its pursuit. This program will provide attendees with skills to empower team members to complete tasks, and create a culture of mutual trust and accountability.

What Makes a Leader?

Winston Churchill and Mother Theresa were two distinctly different individuals.  Despite their differences however, most would agree they were both very effective leaders.  Is it possible that these two incredibly different individuals, and all other leaders for that matter, share a common set of core elements that define “true” leadership?  During this session, participants will explore whether such core elements exist, and determine what it really takes to be a leader.

Core Values & Priorities: Your Guide to Meaning and Purpose

The great Peter Drucker said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”  But how does one identify what is “right”?  During this session, participants will be led through an exploration of their core values and examine how values can be used to allocate limited time and resources to maximize meaning, purpose and value.

Passion & Motivation: Tapping into Your Ultimate Energy Source

Many people pursue leadership because they like the idea of being a leader. Once they become a leader however, they soon realize that there is a big difference between the idea of being a leader and performing the actual work of a leader. Leadership can be fraught with frustrations and disappointments. Many people will question and disagree with a leader’s vision. Those who agree with it may offer to help and never follow through. Challenges such as these can suck the life out of a leader, sapping their will and energy. This program will help participants identify their life’s passion(s) and leverage them as a source of limitless energy to drive their leadership pursuits.

Everything Begins & Ends With You: What keeps you centered?

Anyone who has flown on a plane has heard the instruction to “… secure your own (oxygen) mask first…” and, only then, help someone else in need. The importance of ensuring our own safety during an aviation emergency is easily understood, yet many people live their daily life disregarding their own needs or security – practices that can jeopardize their own health and well-being, as well as the well-being of others, on a grander scale than any plane mishap. Leaders must realize the importance of self-centeredness and self-care, and how these two are completely different than egocentricity and self-gain.

Strengths & Flow: Leveraging YOUR Unique Gifts

Great leaders seem to have a magical ability to get more from their teams than is humanly possible. Many leaders believe the key to such performance lies in charismatic inspiration, or draconian punishment/reward systems. While those strategies may work for a time, they alone can never produce sustained “superhuman” performance. This program will illustrate the importance of identifying peoples’ strengths and aligning them with appropriate tasks matched in both type and complexity.

Meeting Needs to Ensure Organizational Relevance & Enable Individual Contribution

Every day of every year, organizations that may have once been great, suddenly disappear. Why? For many, the simple answer is that they become irrelevant; losing touch with the needs of the individuals they were created to serve. This program will guide participants through an inquiry regarding the needs their organization meets (or doesn’t meet) for them, their teammates, and others in the community.

Model the Way

Trust is the foundation upon which leadership is built, and there is perhaps no better way to destroy it than to say one thing and do another. This program will help participants develop a clear understanding of a leader’s role in modeling the values and behaviors they expect in their followers. Participants will also gain insight into how their actions are perceived by others, and the degree to which those perceptions align with their own personal values.

Pathfinding: Creating Clarity of Thought and Purpose with Initiative and Understanding Conversations

At its core, a volunteer organization is a group of individuals who willingly to come together to pursue a common goal out of a belief that the goal can be best achieved by working together (vs. alone). Usually, what brings and holds these individuals together is a leader who possesses a strong ability to communicate a compelling vision of a better tomorrow. This program will teach participants how to effectively communicate a vision, and assist interested individuals in identifying their desired role in creating the new future.

Organizational Alignment: Matching What You Do With What You Want

According to Jim Collins, leaders spend way too much time drafting, wordsmithing, and redrafting vision statements, mission statements, and values statements; and way too little time aligning their organizations with the values and visions already in place. This program will help attendees identify misalignments in their own organization, and provide insight into the consequences of such misalignments and how they may be resolved.


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