Prescott Award

Albert B. Prescott Pharmacy Leadership Award presented in conjunction with Phi Lambda Sigma

Lindsay L. Kunkle, PharmD, MBA, is Awarded the 2020 Albert B. Prescott Pharmacy Leadership Award

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Lithograph painting of Dr. Prescott by Robert Thom, from the Parke-Davis History of Pharmacy Collection

Lithograph painting of Dr. Prescott by Robert Thom, from the Parke-Davis History of Pharmacy CollectionThe Albert B. Prescott Pharmacy Leadership Award, first presented in 1987, is given annually to a young pharmacist no more than 10 years into his or her career. The award is coordinated by PLEI. The recipient shall have demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities as a young pharmacist indicative of someone likely to emerge as a major leader in pharmacy over the course of his or her career.

Albert B. Prescott was a maverick in the late 1800s because of his advocacy for an academic basis for pharmaceutical education. Founder and Dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan, Prescott nurtured his idea for nearly 25 years before the rest of the profession caught up with him. This chemist, educator, and leader of pharmacists helped found Phi Delta Chi at the University of Michigan in 1883.

The Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute (PLEI), Phi Lambda Sigma,  and several prior recipients select the recipient of the Prescott Leadership Award. The Award is presented annually during the APhA Annual Meeting, at which time the recipient delivers a scholarly lecture on issues such as pharmacy as a profession, leadership, or future trends in pharmacy practice or education. The winner receives a tangible award and an honorarium. 

For information about nominating a young pharmacy leader for the next Albert B. Prescott Pharmacy Leadership Award, email Ron Corey at

2020: Lindsay Kunkle2019: T. Joseph "Joey" Mattingly II2018: Robert Pugliese2017: Afton M. Wagner2016: Joshua Neumiller

Previous Award Winners

1987Walter Lee Fitzgerald
1988Lucinda Louise Maine
1989Heidi Milia Anderson
1990Janet Engle
1991Kathleen D. Lake
1992John Coster
1993Mary Eloises Indritz
1994Mitchel C. Rothholz
1995Kelly Hasty-Kale
1996Timothy Tucker
1997Nancy A. Alvarez
1998Christopher J. Decker
1999Jeanne Ann Stasny
2000Tina Penick-Brock
2001Edwin H. Adams
2002Christopher R. McCurdy
2003Jennifer Cerulli
2004John Musil
2005Bradley Tice
2006Michael J. Negrete
2007David A. Medvedeff
2008Macary Marciniak
2009Scott Evans
2010Jeffrey Neigh
2011Timothy W. Cutler
2012Conan MacDougall
2013Robert Schoenhaus
2014Sonak Pastikia
2015Alex J. Adams
2016Joshua J. Neumiller
2017Afton M. Wagner
2018Robert S. Pugliese
2019T. Joseph "Joey" Mattingly II
2020Lindsay Kunkle