Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute (PLEI) is a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to developing leaders within the profession of pharmacy and other professionals

PLEI conducts leader-development programs ranging from 1-hour sessions to 5-day immersion programs. Thousands of people have been trained in these programs to date.

PLEI’s newest offering is our 370-page workbook, titled “Lead←Grow→Shape: A Prescription for Life-Long Leader Development.” See the Lead-Grow-Shape page for details. The workbook includes 35 modules matching each of the ACPE and CAPE self-awareness, leadership, innovation, and professionalism competencies. PLEI fosters opportunities for self-development, to help individuals enhance their capability to serve others.

Who, What, Where, How?
  • Who are the leaders among us?
  • What leadership skills evoke the capabilities inside so many of us?
  • Where will your people learn to lead?
  • How can you give them the best understanding of what leadership is and how to lead?

From PLEI, pharmacy’s most experienced source for personalized leader-development training.

PLEI’s People Bring Good Things into the World of Pharmacy
  • Albert B. Prescott Pharmacy Leadership Award, since 1987, recognizing an emerging leader no more than 10 years into his or her career.
  • Leader Development Seminars (LDS), since 1989, thousands of student pharmacists trained to lead their profession in 5-day immersion courses.
  • Leader Development Institute for California Pharmacists Association since 2012.
  • Lead360 for American Pharmacists Association since 2017.
  • Customized leadership training for diverse audiences of pharmacists, young pharmacists, student pharmacists, any kind of pharmacist. Giving insights, trading ideas, offering tools, sharing concepts.