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PLEI and Phi Delta Chi are excited to collaborate on a new organizational skills training program. We aim to empower collegiate officers, non-officer members, and alumni Brothers.

During a strategic planning retreat in January 2023, Phi Delta Chi recognized a need to build management skills so that members of Phi Delta Chi are well-equipped to lead and excel in their roles, wherever they go.

PDC Grand Officers, Regional Officers, and chapter advisors agreed that student pharmacist members needed management skills to lead organizations of all types. To address this need, PLEI agreed to help with the building and then to host a comprehensive training program within PLEI’s Academy for Leader Development infrastructure.

Our Vision

Project LEARN will be delivered in several phases, starting with collegiate chapter executive officers and then progressively expanding to other collegiate chapter officers, committee chairs, and non-officer collegiate members. Finally, our intent is to adapt and expand the content for PDC alumni Brothers as well. The program will be offered as an online, self-paced certificate program to ensure accessibility and convenience.

Based on the feedback received at the PDC strategic planning retreat, a task force was formed to create content around four primary modules.

Module 1: Setting Chapter Goals. This module will cover topics such as strategic planning, agreeing on goals and objectives, project implementation, monitoring, progress, and completion.

Module 2: Running a Productive Meeting. This module will address setting an agenda, recording minutes, running meetings (both in-person and virtual), and more.

Module 3: Chapter Financial Affairs. In this course, we will cover budgeting, fundraising, accounting, and organizational finance.

Module 4: How to Communicate Effectively. Topics covered in this module will include using technology for group communication, building a group culture, communicating up and down, and working on a committee.

How Can You Help?

We need your support to turn this training program from a vision into a reality. Your contributions will help us develop quality training materials, implement the program, and award certificates to the participants. By donating time or resources, you’re investing in the future of Phi Delta Chi and its members.

Join us in empowering the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Together, we can make a lasting impact on Phi Delta Chi and its community.

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