Academy for Leader Development

PLEI’s Academy for Leader Development (ALD) is designed to provide custom training to develop leaders, enhance teamwork, and provide growth opportunities designed to drive success.

Our immersive workshops have historically been face-to-face experiences but we recognize that the expense of traveling (and the recent limitations on travel) are barriers that we can easily overcome using technology. In 2020 we began providing leader development content virtually, while still maintaining an engaged and interactive experience. In fact, one of our participants commented that the interaction in PLEI’s virtual program was better than most programs she had attended in person!

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Join PLEI Executive Director, John Grabenstein, as he welcome’s you to the PLEI Academy for Leader Development and learn more about what the ALD has to offer.



You’ve probably heard of the classic elevator pitch, in which you describe something in the time it takes to ride an elevator. But what if you had to describe yourself in less time than an elevator ride? In this video, John Grabenstein takes us through an exercise in which you are asked to describe who you are in six words. This thought exercise is meant to make you reflect on the various aspects of your life, distill down to what is important, and allow yourself to shine through in just six words!

Do you like what you see? Are you ready to learn more about yourself? At PLEI, we believe that by enhancing your knowledge of yourself, you will be happier, increasingly effective, and more influential. In short, a leader! Join us to explore your leader within!