Lead←Grow→Shape: A Prescription for Life-Long Pharmacy Leader Development: Workbook 2020

The workbook explicitly designed to meet 2016 ACPE Standards and CAPE Outcomes for each student for self-awareness, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, and professionalism.

  • Dozens of engaging exercises
  • Multiple out-of-class assignment options
  • Leader Laboratory
  • Customizable to YOUR curriculum
  • Adaptable to each professional year, segmentable across multiple courses or threads
  • Enabling each student to grow as a leader

All in one place, thorough, flexible for learning goals important on your campus. A smorgasbord of human-development classics.

Suitable for a 1- to 2-credit course or for exercises interspersed throughout a curriculum.

Meets ACPE and CAPE expectations for training for each and every student pharmacist.

Dozens of almost-turnkey exercises, yet allows for your individuality and creativity to shine through. Not exactly turnkey, because your local preparation and energy are essential. This workbook offers what you need to hit the ground running. Sort of like a basket of ingredients you assemble. And you’re the celebrity chef!

Adaptable to whichever leadership-style inventory is licensed on your campus: the four domains of StrengthFinders, the four domains of the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, the four color mix of Insights Discovery, the four color archetypes of Lumina Spark, the five practices within the Student Leadership Practices Inventory, or the six strength categories of Values in Action.

Designed to engage students and get each one involved, talking, and doing.

In classroom: reading, writing, speaking. On campus/in community: watching, doing, organizing.


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Revised for 2020:  35 modules, 35 rubrics, 44 worksheets, 8 appendices, 318 flashcards

Student Edition

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Facilitator Edition

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