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PLEI develops leaders among student pharmacists and pharmacists by conducting programs to improve leadership skills, to strengthen our profession, and thereby advance the public health. 

We need your help to reach further and help more leaders become better leaders. For Pharmacy. For the communities we serve. The Pharmacy Leadership Endowment & Investment (PLEI) Fund is an endowment to support PLEI in perpetuity. 

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We are grateful to all our previous donors. 

Here is the list of Donors through December of 2019. We would like to add YOUR name the next time we update the list. 

Contributions to PLEI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation (EIN#58-22969988) are tax deductible. Contributors will receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes. Please consult your tax preparer for additional information.  

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The PLEI Endowment started in 2005 when Ralph L. Saroyan made a $10,000 gift. Since then, over 340 people have pledged over $520,000 and donated over $470,000. 

Our goal is a $1 million endowment, so we have some work to do!

Some of our steadiest donors do so painlessly, by telling their bank or credit card to donate $50 or $100 per month and then turning their attention to other matters. We thank our sustaining members most especially, because their generosity builds and builds!

Your donations help PLEI carry on its mission of developing leaders for pharmacy. By improving the leadership and self-awareness skills of future and current pharmacists, we will strengthen the profession and serve our communities. 

Are you 70.5 years or older? Find out about supporting PLEI through Qualified Charitable Distribution from you IRA in this article.