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PLEI believes in the power and importance of strong leadership. Our Phi Delta Chi Brothers have a long history of leading with integrity, compassion, and excellence. Now, you have an extraordinary opportunity to invest in the future of our leaders and Brothers through the Leader Legacy Fund. 

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Why Your Support Matters                                                                                                                    

Leadership development is crucial for the personal and professional growth of our Brothers. However, the cost of leader-training programs, travel, and lodging can be a significant barrier for many students. By contributing to the Leader Legacy Fund, you help defray these expenses, making it possible for more Brothers to access the training they need to succeed and positively impact our profession. 

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

When you commit to donating $100 per month for 5 years, your generous contribution of $6,000 will directly support the leader development of one Brother each year. But the impact of your donation doesn’t stop there. Once fully invested, your $6,000 donation will generate approximately $240 annually, providing a sustainable source of funding for student registration and leader-training expenses in perpetuity. 

Building a Lasting Legacy

The proceeds from the Leader Legacy Fund’s endowment will be applied to leader-training expenses once the endowment reaches $250,000. Your donation is not just a gift; it is an investment in the future leaders of Phi Delta Chi and the profession of pharmacy. Together, we can ensure that every Brother has the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead effectively, both within our organization and in their professional lives.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

We invite you to join us in this transformative endeavor. By supporting the Leader Legacy Fund, you are empowering the next generation of leaders who will uphold the values and traditions of Phi Delta Chi.

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Invest in the future. Support the Leader Legacy Fund and make a lasting impact on the lives of Phi Delta Chi Brothers.

Together, we can reach our goal and ensure that our leaders have the resources they need to excel. Your contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference.

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DONATE to the Leader Legacy Fund


Thank you for your generosity and commitment to leadership excellence.